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CRT and University of Copenhagen announce agreement with ADC Therapeutics to develop antibody treatments for cancer

The antibodies target an overexpressed protein on the surface of some cancer cells, which is not expressed on healthy cells

Ingredients | R and D | Therapeutic Sector

ProBioGen and Eucodis agree to commercialise a novel antibody drug conjugation technology

The one-step C-LiNK coupling technology will open up the development space for ADCs and represents a competitive alternative to other similar technologies

Ingredients | Drug Delivery | R and D | Finance

CMC Biologics and IDT Biologika collaborate to manufacture antibody drug conjugates

Alliance will provide an efficient end-to-end solution for the development and manufacture of ADCs

Ingredients | Therapeutic Sector | Finance | Manufacturing and Equipment

Pharmaceutical deals crucial to offsetting US$2.5bn cost of novel drug development

The shift from small molecules to large molecules, such as antibodies and proteins, has created new opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry

Ingredients | Regulatory | R and D | Finance

BioAtla and Pfizer to develop a new class of antibody therapeutics

Agreement combines BioAtla's conditionally active biologic (CAB) antibodies with Pfizer's proprietary ADC payloads

Ingredients | Drug Delivery | R and D | Therapeutic Sector | Finance

Bio-Rad launches antibodies validated specifically for western blotting

Detailed validation protocols streamline optimisation and validation, saving time and reagents

Ingredients | R and D | Measurement and Analysis