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Bio-Rad launches antibodies validated specifically for western blotting

Detailed validation protocols streamline optimisation and validation, saving time and reagents

Ingredients | R and D | Measurement and Analysis

Alligator Bioscience benefits from Cobra’s maxXpress platform

Cobra developed the cell line to express agonistic CD40 antibodies for an immuno-oncology application using its maxXpress platform

Ingredients | Europe | Regulatory | Biotechnology

Antibody search engine spins out from University of Bath in UK

CiteAb lists more than 1.5 million antibodies from 92 suppliers

Ingredients | Europe | R and D | Information Technology

Boehringer Ingelheim signs manufacturing agreement with Apexigen

For process development and early stage clinical supply of monoclonal antibodies

Ingredients | Europe | North America | Biotechnology | Therapeutic Sector

Wacker broadens XL-protein collaboration

For the production of PASylated therapeutic proteins

Ingredients | Europe