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Schott to invest in China

New pharmaceutical packaging plant to open in 2017 and further investment to be made in Suzhou

Design and Build | Packaging | Finance | Asia | Manufacturing and Equipment

Eisai opens new parenteral facility in China

To meet increased demand for injectable products and help cut costs

Asia | Manufacturing and Equipment

An injection of innovation

Removing water from drugs such as vaccines and other injectables (lyophilisation) and sealing the material in a vial makes it easier to transport drugs around the world, particularly where cold storage chains are less reliable. Such products, however, require an additional preparation step of recon

Packaging | Europe | Vaccines | Manufacturing and Equipment

Leak detection and vision inspection combined in one machine

Seidenader has integrated leak detection using high-voltage technology into an automatic syringe inspection machine

Packaging | Europe | Measurement and Analysis

Opinion: Between a rock a hard place

Two contrasting incidences of contamination recently have shown how difficult it is to make a proportionate reaction to the risks involved