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EPSRC commits £15m to formulation manufacturing research

Projects aim to improve the complex formulation processes used to manufacture products such as toothpastes, inhalers and pharmaceuticals

Europe | R and D

Making injectable medicines safer

Researchers remove excess additives from drugs, which could reduce serious allergic reactions and other side effects

North America | R and D

Zika outbreak gives rise to global fears

Zika may not be a new virus but its newly confirmed ability to cause foetal brain abnormalities makes the search for a treatment or a vaccine a high priority. Dr Sarah Houlton looks at the latest initiatives

North America | Vaccines | Africa ME | Latin America

Cancer trials in UK to be streamlined to bring treatments to patients quicker

Through the Experimental Cancer Medicines Centre (ECMC) Collaboration Agreement

Europe | Regulatory | R and D

Telstar completes expansion of Merck's Madrid plant

Telstar developed the global engineering for the pharmaceutical and industrial services in the production area and the new office building

Design and Build | Europe | Biotechnology

A new generation of ‘better biologics’

The growth of biologics has been rapid and new generation therapies are now using multiple therapies within doses. Catalent looks at some of the pioneering technologies available to help to achieve more consistent manufacture of multiple recombinant proteins and better ADCs

R and D | Biotechnology

Alvotech acquires Baliopharm

Acquisition will enhance the firm's development of high quality biosimilars

Europe | R and D | Generics | Finance

A solid dose of innovation

Contract development and manufacturing organisations can help optimise time to market as well as bringing technical expertise and high quality manufacturing services to the development of innovative technologies for solid dose delivery, argues Recipharm

Manufacturing and Equipment

Sigma-Aldrich deal boosts Q1 sales and earnings at Merck

The acquisition took first quarter sales in North America up to a 26% market share

Europe | North America | Finance

Biocatalysis versus chemocatalysis

Dr Cynthia A. Challener, Scientific Content Editor, Nice Insight, compares the benefits of various catalytic technologies and concludes that the outright winner is the patient

Ingredients | Biotechnology

Call to action to tackle antimicrobial resistance

Superbugs could kill ten million people by 2050, warns Lord O'Neill's final report

Europe | R and D | Finance

To go or not to go: the question the UK must answer

The prospect of the UK voting on 23 June to leave the European Union is a cause for deep concern among companies in the pharmaceutical sector


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