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Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult reviews research into cell and gene therapies in the UK

Latest reports on cell and gene therapy clinical trials and preclinical programmes indicate the industry in the UK is progressing

Europe | Regulatory | R and D

Epidarex Capital creates Nodthera Limited

A pioneering new company based on Selvita research and utilising novel immunological approaches to disease

Europe | R and D | Biotechnology | Finance

Pharmaceutical method development and validation

As analytical methods provide data crucial to ensure consumer health and safety, their validation is highly scrutinised. Dr Joanna Greenhough, R&D Scientist, Wickham Laboratories, outlines the best practices in validating methods used in pharmaceutical product testing

Regulatory | Measurement and Analysis

USA remains top priority for new drug launches

More than 80% of surveyed pharmaceutical companies begin their new product launch sequences in the world's largest drug market.

North America | R and D | Finance

Why supply chain transparency and data integrity are crucial for pharma quality

Robert Gaertner from Veeva Systems makes the case that cloud-based collaboration increases productivity and transparency, and reduces quality risks in the life sciences supply chain

Regulatory | Information Technology

Almirall pays Sun Pharma $50 million upfront in licensing deal for psoriasis treatment in Europe

Phase III clinical trials of tildrakizumab were completed in May, with positive results

Europe | Therapeutic Sector | Finance | Asia

PPMA Total Show 2016: A Q&A with Group Exhibition Manager David Harrison

A great opportunity for businesses to get their brand, products and equipment in front of a high profile audience and celebrate the innovation that the industry has to offer

Packaging | Europe | Manufacturing and Equipment

ADCs: a more effective, less harmful, targeted approach

Antibody-drug conjugates could hold the key to delivering highly potent anticancer drugs more accurately to the tumour site with less damage to healthy cells

Regulatory | Drug Delivery | R and D | Therapeutic Sector

US-UK public-private partnership to tackle antibiotic resistance

Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Biopharmaceutical Accelerator (CARB-X) will spend $350 million over the next five years

Europe | North America | R and D | Therapeutic Sector | Finance | Infections

Evaluation and safe handling of ADCs and their toxic payloads: Part 2

In this second article of a two-part series, John Farris, CIH, and Robert Sussman, PhD DABT, SafeBridge Consultants, cover the safe handling of antibody-drug conjugates in pharmaceutical facilities and the control measures needed to protect workers from exposure risks

Containment | Regulatory | Manufacturing and Equipment

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