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Molecular Profiles enters strategic alliance with Xceleron

Expertise in the use of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry will be added to Roadmap to Clinical Trials

Europe | North America | R and D

Smoothing the way for personalised medicines

The right tools can help scientists identify and develop targeted therapies more quickly and cost-effectively. Dr Sharon Benzeno, Senior Director, Business Development Bioinformatics at Reed Elsevier, considers where the industry goes from here

R and D

SAFC launches protein quality supplement to increase N-linked glycosylation

Allows users to increase the galactose site occupancy on the oligosaccharide to a higher level

Ingredients | North America | Biotechnology | Manufacturing

The winds of change energise evolution

NCE innovation is changing the supply chain in an unprecedented way. Couple this with a tighter regulatory framework and the payers’ search for more quality and better value and the unprepared might get blown off course, argues Marcel Veltrop, SAI Life Sciences

Regulatory | R and D | Manufacturing

Corning unveils advanced photo reactor for continuous flow photochemistry

The company's Advanced-Flow reactor range is readily scalable from lab to production scale

Europe | Manufacturing

Do not delay and pay the hard way

Former AstraZeneca serialisation expert Christoph Krähenbühl demystifies the arguments around compliance with the forthcoming Safety Features regulations in the EU Falsified Medicines Directive, and questions whether some countries are dangerously behind in their implementation strategies

Packaging | Regulatory

Employing new single-use technology in bioprocesses

There has been considerable progress in the application of single-use technologies in biopharmaceutical production. CMO Rentschler Biotechnologie discusses recent advances

Europe | Biotechnology | Manufacturing

SGS Life Sciences expands Glasgow laboratory

Dedicated to testing of biologics, viral vaccines and gene and cell therapies

Europe | Regulatory

Lyophilisation: meeting new demand and challenges

Armin Dalluege, General Manager of Wasserburger Arzneimittelwerk, a subsidiary of Recipharm, in Wasserburg, Germany, highlights trends in drug lyophilisation