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AstraZeneca and Pelago to collaborate on joint research projects

AstraZeneca gains licence to use and apply Cellular Thermal Shift Assay (CETSA) method to determine drug/target interactions

Europe | R and D

Almirall to acquire Poli Group for up to €400m

Gains a dermatology R&D structure with proprietary formulation technology plus three clinical stage dermatology products

Europe | Therapeutic Sector | Finance

Opening the door to phage therapy

As many regions face a rise in antibiotic resistance, new weapons against infections are needed. Bacteriophages have been used with some success in the old Eastern Bloc. Can the West now reduce the regulatory hurdles to enable their use elsewhere?

Regulatory | R and D | Therapeutic Sector

Teva and Takeda set up new generics joint venture in Japan

Will begin operations in the second quarter of 2016

Generics | Finance | Asia

Baxter recalls multivitamin powder after glass particles are found

Preliminary investigations point to an isolated event, says MHRA

Europe | Regulatory

Good pallet practice

Are current pallets used for handling and transporting drugs and medicines the best they could be, or is there room for improvement? Jim Hardisty, MD,, takes a look at how some of the latest pallets are saving the industry time and money

Packaging | Sustainability

New UK facility to accelerate drug discovery

Diamond’s on-site fragment screening facility is a major boost for structural biologists

Europe | R and D

Precious catalysts drive development of abundant alternatives

Politics, price and potential shortages are driving researchers to look for alternatives to traditional precious metal catalysts, writes Dr Cynthia A. Challener, for Nice Insight

Ingredients | Production

Priorclave offers 100L autoclave with small footprint

QCS 100 is also fitted with several safety features

Europe | Cleaning

Key requirements for setting up pure water on tap

Pure water is a key factor in the production of pharmaceuticals – and an audit of operations can help identify the best way to set up a water purification system, says Mark Bosley, SUEZ Water Purification Systems UK


Bosch expands downstream portfolio for pre-sterilised syringes

Automates the removal of glass and plastic syringes with fast and reliable rod insertion and labelling

Packaging | Europe

The EU-FMD ‘Safety Features’ Delegated Act in 10 steps

Meeting the ‘Safety Features’ requirements of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive can be daunting, particularly as some details are as yet not well understood. Serialisation expert Christoph Krähenbühl summarises what is required from the final draft Delegated Act

Packaging | Europe | Regulatory

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