Edwards pumps perform in harsh environments


CXS dry pump range handles up to one litre of liquid per minute

Edwards is launching the CXS dry pump range

Edwards, a global supplier of vacuum and abatement technologies, is launching the CXS dry pump range next month (October), which is said to deliver exceptional vacuum performance in harsh chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical processes.

The CXS pumps feature tapered screw technology and provide fast pump down, giving ultimate vacuum down to 10–3mbar in a variety of applications including distillation, drying, evaporation, reactor service, house vacuum, solvent recovery, crystallisation and filtration.

Edwards says the pumps are robust and reliable even in harsh environments, with the ability to pump up to one litre of liquid per minute continuously and up to 25 litre slugs without stopping. The pumps are independently certified for use in hazardous environments to ensure safe pumping of flammable gases. They also pump corrosive gases without corroding.

‘This new generation of dry pumps combines the high performance technology we have developed in the harsh and demanding world of semiconductor vacuum with our long and successful experience of providing vacuum to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries,’ said Don Collins, Edwards’ chemical market development manager.

The range initially includes two models – CXS160 and CXS250 – which give nominal capacities of 160m3h-1 and 250m3h-1 respectively.


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