Gel mucoadhesion probe is more accurate, researchers find

The gel mucoadhesion probe allows hydrogel formulations to be applied accurately to the customised probe

Stable Micro Systems" gel mucoadhesion probe has been identified as the most reliable and repeatable instrument for evaluating the mucoadhesion of hydrogels by researchers at the University of Iceland.

Scientists at Skulason, Kristmundsdottir and Holbrook at the University of Iceland evaluated a number of test methods for gel mucoadhesion, which is essential in determining effective dosage forms for mucosal drug delivery. They concluded that the design of Stable Micro Systems" test probe encourages controlled volumes of sample to adhere to the surface of the probe, and testing can be carried out in realistic conditions.

Jo Smewing, Stable Micro Systems" applications manager, claims the gel mucoadhesion rig is a more efficient alternative to the traditional means of assessing mucoadhesion employed by researchers. This involved attaching mucin disks to the bottom of a regular cylinder probe with double-sided tape and testing the force required to loosen them from a given formulation.

"With our rig, hydrogel formulations can be applied accurately to the customised probe, thereby allowing for sample testing in conditions where the samples would usually occur," said Snewing.

Constant gel volumes can be achieved through use of a syringe, and a PTFE sleeve is provided with the kit where larger volumes of hydrogel are required. The mucoadhesion rig attaches to Stable Micro Systems TA.XTplus texture analyser, expanding the company's range of test methods for texture analysis in the pharmaceutical industry.

Stable Micro Systems is a UK manufacturer of texture analysis equipment based in Godalming, Surrey.

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