Meningitis organisation opts for new packaging solution

An organisation, tasked with eradicating the global spread of meningitis, is using the latest generation of temperature-controlled packaging from Laminar Medica to transport its vaccines as part of a new worldwide project.

PATH, an international non-profit organisation, made use of Laminar Medica's packaging technology, which ensures that the vaccines remain at a consistent temperature for use in India and countries in Africa.

Chilltherm 46 shipping system ensures contents are between +2 and +8°C for up to 96 hours. The 46 litre containers are able to accommodate a large number of the vaccines while retaining their compact dimensions.

"During the first phase of the clinical trials, the vaccines used were shipped within India, so our packaging requirements were relatively straightforward," said Elisa Marchetti, clinical operations manager for MVP. "However, for the subsequent studies, the vaccines needed to be shipped from India to various African countries, always via Europe, introducing a much wider range of ambient temperatures and significantly extending shipping times. As a result, a considerably more sophisticated method of controlling the temperature of the vaccines en route was required.

"With the tight schedule of the MVP clinical trials, developing a solution in house was not viable," she said. "Therefore, we decided to source a pre-tested and proven system from a specialist provider of temperature controlled packaging."

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