Optima chemical to capitalise on acquisition of lithium product lines

Following its December agreement with Lithium FMC to purchase and license selected lithium products, US custom research and manufacturing company Optima Chemical has launched a range of inorganometallic products under its own brand.

The two companies had already enjoyed a long-term relationship, with Optima performing contract research and commercial scale-up operations for FMC Lithium, and this move marks a step forward for Optima in building its own product line.

Some of the products acquired from FMC Lithium have always been made at Optima, and the agreement now puts the company in a position to become a seller as well as a manufacturer, said Doug Cochran, vice president of business development. According to president K. Gene Williams, the arrangement with FMC Lithium 'realises an Optima goal of using our manufacturing expertise to offer additional compatible product lines to the marketplace'.

'We have capabilities in place to quickly and efficiently manufacture and market these products from our Georgia facilities,' Williams added.

The ingredients that will now be available through Optima include lithium aluminium hydride and lithium borohydride, which will complement Optima's current leading position in boronic acids and other pharma offerings.

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