BioProgress launches FastWrap technology


London-based speciality pharma and healthcare company BioProgress is launching a new tablet technology, FastWrap, using the TabWrap enabling technology platform.

London-based speciality pharma and healthcare company BioProgress is launching a new tablet technology, FastWrap, using the TabWrap enabling technology platform.

FastWrap technology allows the rapid disintegration of coated tablets, thereby allowing for a faster onset of action of a drug. The coated tablets are created using BioProgress's patented novel tablet core technology, TabWrap. The system can also produce orally disintegrating tablets with a flavoured film coating.

FastWrap is designed to create competitive advantages within the OTC drugs market where speed of onset of action is a key consideration. The technology is being targeted at the analgesic and cough/cold therapeutic areas. The technology was developed as a response to requests from new commercial partners. BioProgress additionally intends to use this technology for its own products to create differential marketing benefits, particularly within the US market.

'The launch of an additional technology within our portfolio is another important step in creating a compelling enabling technology range for our own products whilst enhancing our ability to work with partners,' said Richard Trevillion, ceo, BioProgress. 'Speed of onset of action is an important weapon in the war against illness and we are now able to compete effectively within the marketplace.'

Commercialisation of the company's TabWrap technology has recently passed some key internal milestones and is now in the final process qualification programme. The system has been shown to operate within its technical specification and produces 100,000 tablets per hour. In parallel, new variants of XGEL have been developed, giving further differential advantages to certain products utilising the TabWrap system.

The company remains on target to be producing TabWrap enhanced tablets for launch into the market by the end of 2007. These products will be initially launched within the US market and aimed at analgesic indications. The launch of a FastWrap version as a line extension is planned for 2008.

Meanwhile, the Soluleaves suite of technologies will be delivering new products during the second quarter of 2007. These include launches of non-regulated products that will be marketed through the Group's sales and marketing subsidiary Dexo. The core US market will see the launch of the company's local anaesthetic product for sore mouths and a Soluleaves thin strip that will be marketed under the Accuhist allergy brand with its partner Tiber Laboratories.

The Group is progressing on schedule with its patented fast-release stabilised oral film strip smoking cessation product, and expects partner discussions to complete in the near future.

SoluPol products are said to be progressing ahead of plan, with three products currently in pre-registration development, one in partnership and the other two for Dexo's own products. One is in the area of analgesia and regulatory filings are expected tol be made during the second half of this year. Dexo's second development is in the area of gastro-intestinal disease and the company expects to be able to file for regulatory approval by the end of 2007.

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