Automating the production of life-saving drugs

Bosch Packaging Technology has developed a new integrated filling line for Porton Biopharma

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FDA partners with university on biopharmaceutical manufacturing

Delaware University and the FDA will have the ability to collaborate in a pre-competitive environment

Halix begins viral vector production at new Dutch GMP facility

The new 6,700 sqm cGMP facility is in Leiden Bio Science Park just north of Rotterdam

Sartorius launches services for GMP mammalian cell bank production

The facility is exclusively dedicated to mammalian suspension cell lines and can produce up to 500 cell bank vials ...

New enantioselective desymmetrisation strategy uses recombinant pig liver esterases

Enzymicals has established a new compound from the development of an efficient biocatalytic sequential multistep one- ...

Brammer Bio in talks to build manufacturing site in Massachusetts

The US cell and gene therapy CDMO expects to employ around 300 people at the plant by 2021

US Merck backs college course to create workforce for $1bn expansion

The curriculum will focus on biotechnology, process engineering and workforce development to create a ready made ...

Recombinant cultures for superior enzyme output

A non-GMP enzyme manufacturing process at Porton Biopharma has been converted from native production to recombinant ...

Cancer drug data release set to power next wave of therapeutic discovery

The freely available data set includes a comparison of almost 1,000 cancer cell lines’ responses to 453 licensed and ...

Ilya Pharma takes minibioreactor wound care biologic into the clinic

Swedish MPA approves first-in-human trial of Ilya Pharma’s first-in-class ILP100 topical wound care therapy

Realising the potential of single-use technology

Today’s growing pipeline of biological drugs require production environments that are agile and efficient, writes ...

Supporting precision with precision

As biologics steadily grow in pipeline development and commercialisation, they inherently require precise and ...

Plant-based expression systems expedite time to market

Leaf Expression Systems is a new contract development business specialising in the plant-based expression and ...

Nosopharm chooses Evotec to advance next-gen Odilorhabdin drug candidate

The initial focus is on chemistry and manufacturing and control (CMC) to bring NOSO-502 to clinical stage

Oxford Nanopore automates flow cell production at new UK facility

Besides flow cells, the MinION building integrates processes that are typically found in other industries; s ...