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EMA to review experimental medicines for Ebola

To provide an overview to support decision-making by health authorities

Marken opens expanded pharma depot in Mexico City

To meet increased demand for clinical trial supplies in the region

From tablets to tapes

"Sticky Web" is a new technique for precision powder dispensing. Howard Biddle, managing director of 42 ...

Stable Micro Systems boosts breakdown testing

Tablet disintegration rig assesses fast-melting tablet properties

Texture analyser offers easy to interpret and reliable data

SMS makes texture analysis available to smaller pharmaceutical manufacturers

Gel mucoadhesion probe is more accurate, researchers find

Stable Micro Systems" gel mucoadhesion probe has been identified as the most reliable and repeatable instrument ...

Moisture analysis

How Biopharma Technology is using laser-based headspace moisture analysis for moisture determination

Pharmaceutical plant disinfection: the acid test

Choosing a suitable disinfectant for a pharmaceutical operation can be a complex process. Christopher Fournier* and ...

Drug discovery centre to open in Aberdeen

Kosterlitz Centre for Therapeutics will take ideas from bench to bedside

Modular ductless hoods offer versatility and simplify capacity upgrades

Two types of Captair erlab ductless fume hoods are now available from scientific supplier Camlab, which offer ...