Polymers created with light to fight bacteria

Hundreds of polymers, which could kill drug-resistant superbugs in novel ways, can be produced and tested using light with a method developed at the University of Warwick

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Partnership to develop cost effective regenerative medicine

Cobra Biologics, GE Healthcare and Centre for Process Innovation will collaborate to help advance gene therapy

DotBio launches focusing on immuno-oncology drugs

Newly formed company raises $2.3 million seed financing to complete validation studies of optimised, humanised domain ...

Developing novel antibody therapeutics

ProBioGen and Pionyr Immunotherapeutics initiate a second immuno-oncology contract development and manufacturing project

Improving reproducibility in translational medicine

In translational medicine, wherein bringing tools such as diagnostic biomarkers from bench to bedside is a main focus, ...

WuXi Biologics initiate construction of integrated ADC solution center

Offering end-to-end solutions for biologic products the company has started building the facility in Wuxi city in China

ADCs need more efficient manufacturing processes

Welsh ADC Biotechnology, a company working to simplify and lower production costs for anti-cancer blockbuster drugs, ...

Zai Lab and Crescendo Biologics enter exclusive global license agreement

Agreement will develop, commercialise and manufacture a topical, innovative antibody VH domain therapeutic for ...

BBI Solutions expands infectious disease reagent suite

BBI Solutions has demonstrated internal antibody development capabilities and has also expanded its infectious disease ...

The future of uniquely delivered drugs and ADCs

Kruthika Dhar of Thatís Nice reports on unique delivery drugs and the marketplace

Collaboration to identify antibodies for cancer targets

Iontas and IGEM Therapeutics will work together to develop novel immunoglobulin E antibodoes

AbbVie and Eisai obtain additional approval for Humira

The monoclonal antibody, Humira, is used in the treatment of patients who have had an inadequate response to ...