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Resolution needed to secure UK animal health and welfare says NOAH after Brexit landmark vote

NOAH urges politicians to work together to agree an urgent resolution to Brexit negotiations to provide certainty for ...

Australian beef and dairy industry welcomes registrations for tri-solfen

Patented pain relief product for animal husbandry procedures is marketed by Bayer in Australia

NOAH welcomes industry led proposals to build UK’s status as a world leader in life sciences

The animal health sector can be a part of the international benchmark for success proposed in Sir John Bell’s Life ...

At the frontiers of animal health: a European perspective

In animal health, as in human health, scientific discoveries and technological innovations are constantly presenting ...

CordenPharma to invest €10m into manufacturing line for veterinary drug products

CordenPharma Plankstadt is pleased to announce the design and instalment of a new manufacturing line dedicated to ...

NOAH’s first Brexit Barometer report reveals...

Collaborative work with government is required to heighten levels of optimism within the sector

PBL gains approval to advance next generation anthrax vaccine

Porton Biopharma Ltd (PBL) has signed a modification to its contract with the US National Institute of Health’s ...

Two new vaccines developed for canine flu

Scientists have developed live-attenuated vaccines to help prevent canine influenza virus from jumping to humans

Medicine and food authorities strongly recommend re-think of antimicrobials use in livestock

EMA and EFSA give joint opinion on EU measures to reduce antimicrobials use in food-producing animals

Sanofi and Boehringer Ingelheim confirm closing of business swap on 1 January 2017

Both companies will become global leaders in two different sectors of the pharmaceutical market