Former 3M drug delivery division launches as independent company

Kindeva Drug Delivery has launched as independent drug delivery company after $650m acquisition

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DuPont achieves Non-GMO Certification for SeaGel

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences’ latest certification will allow manufacturers to add the iconic non-GMO Project ...

Lonza aims to tackle bias concerns during blinded clinical trials

Lonza has introduced an over-encapsulation product aimed at tackling concerns around bias during blinded clinical trials

Respira Technologies pursues API partnerships for new nebuliser

US-based Respira has launched pharmaceutical-focused commercial development platform for RespiRx medical device platform

Key considerations for success when selecting primary container packaging in drug development

The selection of appropriate primary container packaging for an injectable drug product is one of the most fundamental ...

Cycle Pharmaceuticals and Medherant partner on transdermal delivery tech

A partnership has been agreed to develop multiple new products using Medherant technology developed by University of ...

ACG receives certification for its clean label capsules

Becomes the world’s first and the only capsule manufacturer to receive it

Overcoming the excipient challenge with a multifunctional filler-binder

Dr Maj-Britt Cepok, Head of Business Development Pharma at BENEO, talks to Dr Kevin Robinson about trends in excipients ...

Catalent Biologics completes $14m medicine packaging expansion

US-based Catalent has completed a 15,000 sqft expansion at its Bloomington, Indiana facility

Positive update on the development of new XF‐platform drug formulations

Collaboration with MedPharm delivers data profiling new XF‐platform drug formulations as potential treatments for ...

In my view: the future of inhalation

Lei Mao, Director of Inhalation Science and Product Development at Recipharm, discusses innovations in the inhaled ...

Reading and understanding vendor-supplied tablet drawings

Understanding the tablet drawings supplied by tooling vendors is a meaningful way to learn more about your product, ...

The Lonza powder-in-capsule microdosing approach

Jeff Williamson and Ben Sahacic explain how microdosing offers a proven approach for biopharmaceutical companies to ...

Caldic Benelux adds third cleanroom to expand filling services

The Belgian pharmaceutical services company has recently invested in a third cleanroom to expand filling of flammable ...

Alcami acquires TriPharm Services

US-based Alcami has acquired a new sterile fill-finish company near the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina