Eli Lilly's modernisation plan cuts 250 jobs in France

The Fegersheim site will see a €100 million investment in new technology

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ManChem funding roundup

This week has shown there is more than one way to innovate in the cutting-edge pharmaceutical realm

Catapult reports on the state of UK drug discovery in 2019

Medicines Discovery Catapult and the BioIndustry Association report covers SMEs, the service & supply sector, and ...

Indian Cipla funnels $1 million into facility in Minsk

The facility will be used to localise the production of innovative solid medicines in Belarus

Event in the UK draws attention to untapped potential of African market

Public and private investors from across the world will come together at Investment Opportunities in Africa on 8 June ...

ElevateBio starts building cell and gene therapy company portfolio

New holdings company has a basecamp building that will be available to startups to help get them off the ground

Legacy Pharmaceuticals announces long-term lyophilisation strategy

A lyophilisation suite is in the works, with closed RABS filling line technology, 2 to 3 freeze-driers up to 30 sqm ...

A new way of buying and selling APIs, additives, vitamins and excipients

Swiss Kemiex and Atradius credit insurance launch unique commodity trading platform for the pharmaceutical and ...

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group reports £265 million in sales

The latest financial report of the fluid management technology company shows continued growth of key industries and ...

SGS acquires Chemical Solutions Ltd.

SGS has announced the acquisition of Chemical Solutions Ltd. (CSL), based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, US

Momentum in the US cannabidiol market gains retailers' attention

Walmart and other big-name stores in talks with food and drinks makers in preparation for the day CBD-enriched products ...

A look back at 2017 healthcare transactions

Last year, 2017, saw 2011 deals complete, with Q2 showing the strongest performance with 29.4%, followed by Q1 with 27. ...

Molecule: Pooling the pharma industry's resources

The new software platform from Linum Labs has been designed to crowdsource funding and research, in an effort to ...

WuXi Clinical enters the CRO market

The new company will offer hubs in the US and China as a result of its origin from the merger of Research Point Global ...

Merck & Co manufacturing restructure risks half billion in factory shut-downs

By 2023 Merck aims to have optimised the supply network but expects collateral along the way