Terpenes: Unlocking the true medicinal qualities of cannabis

Jerusalem-based Eybna goes beyond cannabinoids and gets into the micro resolutions of the plant

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Orano Med invests in radiopharma production in France and the US

Investments will double lab space and finance the installation of a cleanroom

US biotechs collaborate to supply rhCollagen for organ printing

iBio will collaborate with the United Therapeutics subsidiary to scale-up production of rhCollagen in tobacco plants ...

Omya launches new Calcipur DC range

Calcipur DC can be used as an active ingredient in nutraceuticals and as a diluent in pharmaceuticals

Gelatin or HPMC? It’s time to look beyond the label

There’s no denying that there is a continuing rise in demand for products declaring themselves to be suitable for ...

Samsung BioLogics implements large scale N-1 perfusion

A 30% reduction in production time has been achieved with an Alternating Tangential Flow (ATF) device

GenCure completes 80-litre stem cell production run

The run hugely scales up human mesenchymal stem cells production with two more runs planned to refine the process

Case Study: Phase I to commercial in 18 months

Druggability Technologies CEO, Gabor Heltovics, talks about using Quotient Sciences to progress and scale-up an ...

Olon begins construction on new GMP API facility in Italy

The construction of the CDMO's new GMP facility is associated with a long-term strategic partnership with a large ...

CARBOGEN AMCIS announces successful FDA inspection

The Hunzenschwil facility is one of the company's four sites to offer development and manufacturing facilities for ...

Process optimisation with flow chemistry

WuXi STA, the Chinese CDMO with a global footprint, embraces the need to develop drugs for customers using safer, more ...

Taking a multifaceted approach to combatting superbugs

Paul Chapman, Partner at Marks & Clerk LLP, takes a look at research underway for testing a compound on Gram-negative ...

Nanonisation: Tiny technology to turn drug failures to success

Finnish biotech Nanoform opens up on the new process that is quickly catching on among drug developers and manufacturers

Colorcon to incorporate TruTag's microtags in tablet film coatings

Colorcon and TruTag will work together to target authentication systems for medicines

Ardena launches ingredients business

The Belgian CDMO has created Ardena LSI to focus on the sale of chemical ingredients and intermediates