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Making the most of healthcare data

There’s no point buying something if you’re not going to use it; clothes, kitchen appliances and food are purchases ...

Central Pharma announces strategic partnership with Supply Chain Wizard

Global contract packaging organisation (CPO), Central Pharma, has partnered with digital innovation firm, Supply Chain ...

What is total QA?

Quality assurance that safeguards your product and plant

Top causes of PLC control system failure

Control system maintenance to minimise downtime

To service or not to service

Investigating Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS)

Leaders of transformation

Haig Armaghanian, founder and CEO of Haig Barrett, explores how synthetic biology pioneers are revolutionising ...

Cybersecurity and physical safety

Robust cybersecurity is essential for safe systems

Blockchain in the pharmaceutical industry

Given that it employs track and trace technology and requires data on product point of origin and supply chain control, ...

An integrated solution

How track and trace is transforming pharmaceutical QA/QC workflows

Serialisation is not enough

A global technology leader in supply chain security, Systech’s revolutionary solution provides authentic, safe and ...

Innovation in clinical trials

Clinical trials have undergone significant technological and regulatory developments during the past decade; and now, ...

Start-ups lead the way in AI for healthcare

A recent report by CB Insights shows that healthcare artificial intelligence (AI) startups have raised $4.3 billion ...

Static control on medicinal bottle lines

There’s no margin for error when it comes to the production of medicines