Camspec Analytical Instruments Limited

Tudor House
Barley Hill Road
LS25 1DX
United Kingdom

+44 1132 864536


Camspec has specialised in the design, manufacture and sale of UV/Visible Spectrophotometers since 1986.


These precision instruments are used in all types of chemistry laboratory, mainly for measuring the concentration of solutions.

The range now extends from low-cost visible instruments through the single beam UV/Visible range to the M550 double beam scanning spectrophotometer. They can be operated as stand-alone instruments or PC controlled.

A complete range of accessories enables their use to be extended to DNA/RNA, enzyme kinetics, Sun Protection Factor, colour measurement, etc.

Instrument prices vary from £800 to £10,000.

About 50% of Camspec products have been exported all over the world via specialist distributors.