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Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, we design and develop Industry 5.0 manufacturing solutions that simplify process intelligence by delivering data in real-time. Our solutions enable quick decision-making, reduce time-to-market, and support better outcomes. By offering insight, process control, and intelligence, we offer manufacturers and researchers the tools to fully embrace the benefits of Industry 5.0. From the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to automation solutions, we can guide your journey to smart manufacturing with Eyecon 2 , Multieye 2 , and SmartX.


Innopharma Technology

Innopharma Technology

One of our two main product offering is SmartX, a process digitalization and automation platform. Built for real-time intelligence and process control. A deployed SmartX enables process automation through low code/no code interfaces, placing the control evenly across all divisions from R&D to production where everyone and every process can be empowered with the manufacturing data SmartX yields.

Innopharma Technology

Our second flagship product is the Eyecon 2 Particle Analyser a real-time, direct imaging analyser which ranges particles in size from 50 to 5500µm. It is non-destructive, non-contact analytical instrument that can be used either as bench-top test equipment or as a process analytical technology in-line. These images captured by the Eyecon 2 are then processed by EyePASS software which uses a particle detection algorithm to measure individual particles. With the introduction of our AI/Machine Learning analytical models, almost any material can be identified.

Innopharma Technology

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