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Investors looking for a location that offers a pro-business economy, an excellent telecommunications infrastructure, a competitive cost base and an educated workforce will find that Northern Ireland can deliver all this and more.


If you’ve already been in business for a few years you’ll be looking to take the next step to grow your business, improve profitability and exploit opportunities in markets outside Northern Ireland. We’ve structured our support for this stage of your business development around four key areas:

Growing Your Business: This is all about developing the infrastructure of your business to make sure you have a sound business strategy, you have appropriate finance in place, the right people with the right skills and are operating from premises that best suit your needs.

Maximising Efficiencies: You’ll find information here about Invest NI’s support for energy efficiency, waste management, ICT and e-business solutions. There’s also advice on supply chains and on how we can help you review and improve your business processes.

Product Development: There is a lot of support available for research and development and you’ll find the information you need in this section. It also describes our support for design development and how we can help you with technical and intellectual property issues related to your product development.