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As leaders in the complex science behind a wide variety of healthcare products, our expertise helps relieve symptoms in millions of people each year.


At JM we combine our specialist expertise, differentiating technologies and unique capabilities as well as a 200-year heritage to supply sustainable products and deliver a collaborative service thatís focused on strengthening our customersí products, ensuring timely clinical development and launch.

JM supplies efficient and sustainable products and services for companies developing pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and other fine and speciality chemicals. We are leading providers of pharmaceutical services, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and catalyst technologies. Our customers trust us to provide them with expert complex chemistry solutions, optimising chemical processes and accelerating their innovation. We take pride in surpassing our customersí aims using a combination of deep R&D knowledge, large-scale global capabilities and a portfolio of unique technologies.

As well as this, sustainability is a high priority for JM and we have made significant progress in reducing material use and production waste as part of our 2017 Sustainability Programme.

Four Core Offerings

We collaborate efficiently across our four core offerings, which include Custom Pharma Solutions, Controlled Substances, Catalysts, and APIs & Life Cycle Management to provide our customers with a broad range of specialised services to help them develop complex and niche molecules. Through these offerings, we ensure your goals arenít just met, they are surpassed.

1. Custom Pharma Solutions

Our custom pharma solutions offering brings together R&D expertise and specialist technologies to provide a full range of bespoke drug development, scale-up and manufacturing services, from pre-clinical and toxicological studies to development and commercial manufacturing. Through this offering, our expert teams focus on understanding your business so that we can solve your most challenging chemistries and scale-up problems allowing for efficient launch of your innovative pharmaceuticals and high potents.

2. Controlled Substances

JM products are used extensively in therapeutic areas including analgesia, CNS disorders and anti-addiction treatments. We have deep expertise in handling complex APIs and controlled substances, spending more than 200 years building our extensive range of opiates and other regulated substances. Through our state-of-the-art facilities and GMP-compliant bulk production plants we have the knowledge to overcome the most challenging chemistries and complex paperwork, ensuring the reliable supply of controlled substance APIs to our customers.

3. Catalysts

We offer a portfolio of high technology heterogeneous, homogeneous, chiral and bio catalysts which will enable your chemistry. Our global technical teams have market leading expertise and can find you the best solution with efficient and sustainable chemistry.

Our global technical teams have market-leading expertise and can find you the best solutions with efficient and sustainable chemistry. Through our Catalyst offering we provide our customers with an unmatched portfolio of catalysts and services including heterogeneous, homogeneous, chiral and bio catalysts to help make their chemistries more efficient, selective and sustainable while reducing cost, process steps and waste.

4. APIs & Life Cycle Management

We provide an extensive range of APIs and the invaluable expertise to develop many more. We are particularly knowledgeable in platinum-based actives and prostaglandins as well as products covering a wide range of therapeutic classes such as anti-cancer, anti-rheumatic, addiction, psychiatric disorders and ophthalmic indications, however we are continually seeking to expand and increase our API portfolio through collaborative working. JM believes that combining innovative business models with collaborative process development helps to strengthen your products, while reducing your risk.

Separations Technologies

Our Fine Chemicals division offers a range of separations technologies to meet your speciality chemical needs, whether that requires economic, efficient or scalable processing. We build an appropriate strategy using our range of tools for separations. These include Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) and Preparative HPLC.

High Containment Capabilities

Our high containment sites are registered for the production of a wide range of production cycles from raw materials, through to packaging and dispatch of chemical products. We are capable of conducting a variety of chemical transformations, speciality separations and catalysis with highly potent APIs. Our scientific teams work to improve and refine your process with expertise in process development, optimisation, validation and scale-up, reducing time and cost. Our high containment facilities are operated to the highest standards of cGMP to satisfy both the EU and FDA requirements.

Solid Form Sciences

Consistency and quality of any active pharmaceutical ingredient starts with solid screening. Our solid form services include: batch profiling, salt screening/co-crystallisation, chiral separations, polymorph screening and crystallisation development.

Drug Conjugates and Linkers

During the last decade we have developed strong expertise and proficiency in polymer drug conjugate (PDC) chemistry. Our expert scientists effectively plan and execute the development and scale-up processes for linking small molecule payloads to polymers in support of PDCs, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and other drug delivery applications. You can trust JM as your partner for development and production services throughout the lifecycle of your PDC.

Catalysis and Chiral Technologies

Through our catalysis and chiral technologies we offer extensive catalyst screening and process development services to support customers throughout the development, scale-up and commercial implementation stages of a project.