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Founded in 2005, Ziath develops innovative new products designed to simplify processes in life science organisations, from academia, to the biotech and pharma industries.


Compound Management

Our sample management solutions are suitable for a variety of different sample processes. We solve your sample tracking needs with intuitive software, 2D barcode scanners, and high level technical support to ensure that more time can be focused on research rather than chasing after and identifying samples.


The biospecimen 2D sample scanners and readers we produce enable the rapid and accurate identification of large numbers of samples in seconds. Our expertise in laboratory automation integration enables us to customise our products, so that we can construct a robust sample management system suitable to your needs.

Biobanking & Biorepository

Incorporating our product range into your sample management system can streamline the throughput of your lab. Our in-house developed software is ideal for documenting and archiving large datasets, and our high-quality hardware can process hundreds of samples in seconds.

Our product brochure

To see our full range, and for more detailed specifications on individual products, download a copy of the Ziath product brochure.

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Why Ziath?

Founded by scientists and engineers, Ziath is over a decade old and is proud to serve customers across the world.

Proven solutions

Our robust products are easy to integrate into existing workflows and are primed for automation.

A driver of innovation

We pride ourselves on product development, customisation and look to provide a truly bespoke experience for each customer.

Focused on you

Our customer-centric approach guarantees you access to high-quality scientific support.

Advanced, flexible technology

Whether you're working with millions of compounds or a cohort of precious clinical samples, you can be confident that our high-quality instruments will keep your pipeline running.