Ashfield Healthcare Communications and Argon Global Healthcare Network alliance

Doug Burcin

Ashfield Healthcare Communications has announced the creation of a new global alliance, joining forces with Argon Global Healthcare Network, one of the largest international networks of independent healthcare agencies.

Ashfield Healthcare Communications and Argon Global Healthcare Network have combined their capabilities to assist clients with managing their brands in existing locations and expanding into new. The complementary service offerings and greater geographical reach from Ashfield and Argon will provide clients a non-holding company approach to the global environment. Collectively this partnership provides our clients with unprecedented agility and access to a full breadth of communications services tailored with a deep understanding of cultural and business nuances for their regional and local needs.

Doug Burcin, president of Ashfield Healthcare Communications, said: “I am delighted with this partnership in that it continues to deliver on our approach to being a truly global micro network. We have a well-established presence in the UK, Germany, Japan and US for delivering our solutions at the intersection of science, data and creativity so we are excited to come together with the Argon Global Healthcare Network to be able to deliver this on an even more global scale. I have worked with the team at Argon Global Healthcare Network for many years in various capacities and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together.”