Avantor now producing cGMP pharma chemicals at new Panoli facility


Quality certified plant increases Avantor’s global pharmaceutical manufacturing base

Global manufacturer of high-performance chemistries and materials Avantor Performance Materials is now producing pharmaceutical chemicals under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) from its new production facility in Panoli, India.

The Panoli plant manufactures and packages a wide range of Avantor’s Macron Fine Chemicals™ brand of salts and solvents for the production of pharmaceuticals, and high-purity solvents for use in chromatography separations for laboratory research, drug development and discovery.

The new Avantor facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified and is approved by the Indian Food and Drug Administration. In addition to cGMP manufacturing requirements, Macron Fine Chemicals products from Panoli are produced to Indian Pharmacopeia (IP), US Pharmacopeia (USP), National Formulary (NF), European Pharmacopeia (EP), Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP) and British Pharmacopeia (BP) standards.

‘The availability of cGMP chemicals from our Panoli facility demonstrates Avantor’s continued growth as a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality performance materials,’ said Paul Smaltz, Avantor’s executive vice president of global pharmaceuticals.

‘This facility is an important element in Avantor’s global strategy to provide our customers with what they need to have confidence in their pharmaceutical supply chain, no matter where they are located.”

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Avantor obtained the facility as part of its acquisition of RFCL in 2011, when the plant was under construction. Production began in December 2012, with cGMP production commencing in January of 2013. Avantor’s Panoli plant expands the company’s global manufacturing footprint to seven major facilities throughout the world.