BIA Separations and Nuvonis Technologies partner


The agreement between the two companies will aim to strengthen upstream and downstream process development in vaccine and gene therapy production

BIA Separations, a specialist biochromatography development and manufacturing company, and Nuvonis Technologies, a biotech company providing innovative production cell banks, announced the signing of a partnership agreement.

The companies will offer solutions to meet the growing demand for vaccine and gene therapy production, and tackle the technical challenges associated with managing the upstream/downstream process interface.

The partnership agreement will provide customers with an offering that combines Nuvonis’ unique Vero cell bank with BIA Separation’s CIM monolithic column purification products, along with both companies’ deep understanding for upstream and downstream process development.

Aleš Štrancar, CEO of BIA Separations, said: “The interface between upstream and downstream bioprocessing is one of the most challenging technical areas remaining in the field, and where most production problems arise. I look forward to seeing our teams working together to bring effective solutions to clients of any size – small, medium and large.”

The companies will work with customers to create targeted solutions to improve manufacturing process execution, for the development of manufacturing procedures for gene therapy, oncolytic vaccines, exosomes and similar biomolecules.

The integrated offering will significantly reduce costs, by providing a single source of expertise and reducing redundancy in process development.

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Josef Poandl, Chairman of Nuvonis Technologies’ board, said: “Choosing a well characterized Vero cell substrate and designing a simple high yield purification process is an important strategic element to most vaccine and gene therapy companies. By working together with BIA Separations, we will be able to offer unique solutions to improve production.”