BIA responds to Brexit negotiation announcement


BIA reacts to announcement from European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Prime Minister Theresa May that ‘sufficient progress’ has been agreed on phase one of the Brexit negotiations

BIA responds to Brexit negotiation announcement

CEO, Steve Bates, said: “We welcome today’s agreement. It is now crucial that the UK and EU agree a transition period to ensure that the supply of medicines to patients in the UK and across Europe is not affected.”

“Public health and health security should be the first priority for the second phase of talks and we stand ready as a unified life science sector to provide expert input on such a process.”

"On the detail, greater certainty in key areas proposed is welcome. I hope the citizens rights proposals enable people to better plan their life science careers with their families."

"My initial reading of the ‘goods on the market’ proposals is that it should enable medicinal products that have been tested and released prior to the Brexit date (which may well now be later than March 2019) to be freely available in the EU, even if that testing and release is carried out in the UK and the goods are shipped to other EU countries after the UK withdraws."

“This is important detail for global companies deciding how, and crucially when, to progress existing Brexit contingency plans."

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