Bürkert releases modular gas flow controller


The controller is designed for laboratory analysis equipment and bioreactors

Bürkert has introduced a modular gas flow controller enabling economical customisation over the number of flow channels for OEM integration.

The Type 8735 compact, multi-channel mass flow controller/meter (MFC/M) provides free flexibility over the number of flow channels without the cost of customisation.

The controller for gases is aimed at applications requiring multiple control loops and high volumes, such as spectroscopy and gas chromatography. It achieves nominal flow ranges from 0.01 Nl/min to 20 Nl/min and is available as an MFC with a proportional control solenoid valve, PI controller and mass flow sensor or as an MFM with the mass flow sensor alone.

The device’s standardised modular system includes a choice of two- or three-channel pre-engineered blocks. These can be combined to create flexibility over the number of channels without the requirement for additional development. Supplementary modules including collector/distributor, on/off, pressure control and multiplexer are available.

Developed with microelectromechanical (MEMS) technology, the platform uses a mass flow thermal sensor.

Situated directly in the gas flow, it measures the differential voltage between two temperature sensors symmetrically positioned upstream and downstream of a heating resistor which is supplied with a constant voltage. This sensor technology achieves maximum precision and consistency with quick reaction times, Bürkert says.

Communication can take place over PROFINET, PROFIbus, Ethernet and Modbus/TCP via Bürkert’s büS, or alternatively I²C can be used. Meanwhile, configuration and parameterisation are achieved using the Bürkert Communicator software, which also enables diagnostics as well as registration, monitoring and storing of process data.

Particularly relevant to the bioreactor/fermenter markets, the Type 8735 can be supplied with USP Class VI chapter “87 in vitro” and “88 in vivo” approval on request, as well as FDA – Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 Paragraph 177 (CFR 21 177.2600) approval.

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Further customisation including hardware and software integration can be implemented through Bürkert’s UK team.

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