Bayer spends €35m to expand development of biologicals

The group's healthcare division lays the foundation stone for a new facility in Wuppertal

Bayer HealthCare is building a new facility in Wuppertal for the biotechnological production of pharmaceuticals to be used in clinical trials. The €35m investment will enable Bayer to expand its competences in the area of biological products.

On the laying of the foundation stone for the facility on December 13, 2010, in the pharmaceutical and chemical park, Dr Wolfgang Plischke, who is on the Board of Management at Bayer AG and responsible for Innovation, Technology and Environment, said: 'For a research-oriented pharmaceutical and chemical company like Bayer, innovation is the key to future growth. The new cell biology facility centre represents an investment in our long-term success. To this end, Wuppertal is able offer the ideal framework conditions.' The new facility should be operational by late 2012.

The main focus of Bayer HealthCare is on antibodies, coagulation factors and other therapeutic proteins. 'In this way, we can increase the prospects of being able to offer new drugs in the fight against serious diseases such as cancer,' said Professor Dr Andreas Busch, member of the Executive Committee at Bayer HealthCare.

'The new facility centre will enable us to increase our production capacities in order to manufacture enough material for the late phases in clinical development for an increased number of potential active ingredients,' he added.

The 20m high building will be equipped for all stages of a biotechnological procedure. Production will take place across two storeys with a total of 1,370 m2 for cleanrooms. These will be accessible exclusively via air lock systems.

Technology areas, offices and social rooms are spread across another three storeys. The multipurpose facility will accommodate 20 members of staff who will manufacture a variety of products.