Bioiberica modernises brand


The life science corporation has updated its brand image and website

Bioiberica modernises brand

Bioiberica is set to present its new identity and corporate website in order to modernise and update the company’s image, optimise its online presence and strengthen communications with clients.

The new brand enhances the proportions and weights between the symbol and the logo and modernises the font.

“We're looking for a clear update to the image, without losing sight of our essence, while still focusing on the future”, explains Alba Soler, Bioiberica’s Director of Corporate and Internal Communications.

The new corporate website aims to reinforce the company’s orientation to business was created based on analysing and adapting the site to users' browsing preferences, especially on mobile devices

Of the new website, Soler said: “We're promoting a much clearer information architecture aimed at strengthening communications with our clients. We will continue offering contents in the form of stories and news to explain what we do, how we do it and how we contribute to human, animal and vegetable health”.

These changes are the result of the company’s strategic plan for upcoming years, where it will focus solely on the Life Science sector. The company also has unveiled its new tagline today that reflects these changes: “Taking life science further”, seeking to help a sector which works to improve global health move forward.

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Bioiberica is a global corporation in the life science industry working towards improving people, animal, and plant health and well-being. The company is focuses on identifying, extracting and developing animal-sourced biomolecules, which they transform into products for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, veterinary, animal nutrition, and agricultural industries.


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