Bosch offers ALF 5000 filling and closing machine for ampoules and injection bottles


Offers an output of up to 600 containers a minute and increased safety

German process and packaging technology specialist Bosch Packaging Technology offers a new generation of the ALF series pharmaceutical filling and closing machine which offers an output of up to 600 ampoules per minute.

The firm says it has improved the design of the new ALF 5000: the machine table top is conceived without steps and interfering edges, providing a better sealing from the sterile area; accessibility has also been improved to ensure easy and reliable cleaning. In addition to the common right-hand version, the ALF 5000 is now also available as left-hand version, which allows it to be adapted to existing production sites and workflows.

Tobias Göttler, Product Manager at Bosch Packaging Technology, said during the development process the firm put special emphasis on process safety. The ampoule heads, for example, are removed sideways during closing instead of from above, thus avoiding machine movements above the open ampoules. For a particularly gentle processing, it is now also possible to use a carrying rake transport system that slightly lifts the glass containers to prevent them from rubbing against the machine guide.

For extra safety, the ampoule heads are removed sideways during closing instead of from above

For extra safety, the ampoule heads are removed sideways during closing instead of from above

In its combi version, the ALF 5000 optionally processes injection bottles in addition to ampoules, which further increases production flexibility for drug manufacturers and contract packers; this is combined with easy changeovers.

'We have used our expertise from more than 2,000 delivered filling and closing machines for ampoules and combined it with our successful technology from other machine series,' said Göttler.

'The result is an especially flexible solution that can be tailored to specific customer requirements.'

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Due to its compact design, the ALF 5000 is suitable for wall mounting and integration into barrier systems. It can also be combined with upstream and downstream equipment to form a complete line.