CPC introduces new solution for high-flow bioprocessing demands


US-based maker of single-use connectors has designed the MPU Series to help address capacity constraints

CPC (Colder Products Company), part of Dover and maker of a broad range of single-use connectors, has introduced the 1" MPU Series connector for use with high-volume, large-flow fluid transfer in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

"As biopharmaceutical companies face capacity pressures, there is a need for components that support production optimisation, including higher flow rates and seamless system integration," said John Boehm, VP of Biopharma at CPC. "Our goal is to help biopharma make the most of the production capacities they currently have and grow with them as they expand."

The new 1" MPU connector enables rapid fill and emptying of bioprocessing containers, which increases efficiency for bulk liquid transfer.

A 2019 survey of 341 global biopharmaceutical experts reported that more than 60% of commercial manufacturer respondents expect that their facilities will experience moderate-to-severe production capacity constraints in five years. The same survey identified adding in-house capacity, whether downstream (36.3%) or upstream (25.1%), as critical for avoiding significant capacity constraints.

The new MPU 1" connector offers higher flow rates than the existing 3/4" MPU, which has delivered reliable, leak-free performance for biopharmaceutical manufacturers for more than 20 years. The new product can be used with applications requiring a 1" connector for capsule filters, single-use bioreactors, mixing and storage tanks, chromatography skids, transfer lines and more.

The MPU connector helps to maintain smooth internal flow by minimising transitional flow disruptions and fluid turbulence during liquid transfer and reducing the risk of product shear during processing. The MPU's new dual latching mechanism enables an easy twist-to-connect design that locks securely and guards against accidental disconnects, operator handling errors and potential contamination of the fluid path.

New headquarters

The company has also opened its new global headquarters in Roseville, Minnesota.

The new facility accommodates significant growth in customer demand for CPC's innovative products, particularly for biopharmaceutical processing and thermal management applications.

To support the company's growth, CPC's local employee base has increased 50% in the last two years.

The new 132,000 sqft headquarters includes expanded manufacturing and innovation space and a larger ISO Class 7 cleanroom, which is expected to be operational by year's end following certification. This expanded capacity and capability will enable CPC to continue its growth as a trusted partner providing world-class innovative fluid management solutions for customers who are world leaders in their markets.

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"We've been very successful by focusing on connectors for fluid management in a wide range of industries," said Janel Wittmayer, President of CPC. "Our engineers address fluid-related requirements so customers can concentrate on their finished products or systems. This early side-by-side collaboration means we gain knowledge of their industry and become a go-to resource."