Colorcon adds Opadry EC film coating to portfolio


For the modulation of drug release from multiparticulate oral dosages

Colorcon has introduced a new film coating system, Opadry EC, to its portfolio to meet demand for multiparticulate dosage forms for paediatric and geriatric populations.

This ethylcellulose organic coating provides a fully formulated option that enables a range of release profiles for these specialist dosage forms.

Pankaj Rege, General Manager, Manufactured Excipients at Colorcon, said the base polymer for this system, ethylcellulose, is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as an insoluble barrier membrane coating. It provides extended release profiles and taste-mask options for granules and orally-disintegrating tablet (ODT) dosages.

'This innovative addition to our portfolio of coatings expands the tools available for modifying drug release profiles,' he added.

'As a ready-to-use system, Opadry EC means cost effective and consistent coating performance, and helps to reduce potential errors that may occur during raw material handling and manufacturing.'

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With reduced preparation steps and less operator handling, Opadry EC simplifies the coating process and reduces risk of production batch failures, the firm says.