Combatting the issue of non-adherence


Pharmacy and healthcare supplier releases advisory whitepaper

Leading pharmacy and healthcare consumables supplier, Valley Northern, has released its latest whitepaper, exploring the increasing issue of patient non-adherence.

The whitepaper, which can be downloaded directly from the Valley Northern website, looks at why non-adherence is an issue and how those across the healthcare industry can help to tackle it.

Across the United Kingdom, one billion items are prescribed and dispensed by pharmacists every year.

However, one in five patients surveyed as part of a recent industry report admitted to not taking their medication as prescribed.

The issue of patient non-adherence is a big issue, particularly when patients try to take their prescription instructions into their own hands.

To help combat patient medication adherence, areas such as increased education, professional support and packaging developments can all have the potential to support patients in administering their medications as prescribed.

“It is reported that 200,000 people die, every year, across the European Union from not taking their medication properly,” Oliver Pittock, Managing Director at Valley Northern explained.

“Whether it is missing a dose, not completing a full prescription or not taking the medication in the manner prescribed, non-adherence is an issue that can have detrimental results.”

“In this whitepaper, we explore some of the products and services that healthcare professionals can implement to support patients."

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"From tablet dispenser packs, reminder apps, clearly distinct packaging and disposing of medication should the patient still decide not to adhere to the prescription, there is a wide range of suggestions that could help tackle the non-adherence issue our health service is trying to combat.”