Corning and SGD Pharma announce new glass tubing facility venture

Published: 12-Jun-2023

The two companies have broken ground on a new pharmaceutical glass tubing facility in Telangana, India

Corning and SGD Pharma have announced a joint venture that includes the opening of a new glass tubing facility to expand pharmaceutical manufacturing in India and allows SGD Pharma to adopt Corning’s Velocity Vial technology platform.

Combining SGD Pharma’s vial-converting expertise with Corning’s proprietary glass-coating technology, the collaboration will enhance vial quality, improve filling-line productivity, and speed the global delivery of injectable treatments. 

SGD Pharma and Corning have broken ground on a new pharmaceutical glass tubing facility in Telangana, India. Together, the two companies will help drugmakers respond to increasingly complex capacity and quality issues while meeting global demand for critical medicines.

“The partnership with Corning represents yet another step in our strategy to advance converting technology in the pharmaceutical industry and secure our supply chain. The introduction of Velocity Vials will contribute to the ongoing evolution of our offerings and services and will expand our portfolio of high-quality tubular glass packaging,” said Olivier Rousseau, CEO SGD Pharma. “We see an opportunity for the industry to improve drug filling quality and performance capabilities by transitioning to Corning’s coated vial technology.”

SGD Pharma joins a growing network of leading primary-packaging manufacturers adopting Corning’s cutting-edge coating technology. The joint venture expands Velocity Vials’ manufacturing footprint, localizes its supply chains in India, and enables easier adoption of the technology by customers.

“Corning is advancing pharmaceutical glass technology to help our customers address their most pressing challenges – globally and locally,” said Ron Verkleeren, senior vice president and general manager of Corning’s Life Sciences Market Access Platform. “The joint venture with SGD Pharma supports our continued global expansion as we localise manufacturing for our customers. The collaboration also strengthens our leadership position in the industry and underscores our commitment to India’s high-growth market.”

Manufacturing of Velocity Vials at SGD Pharma’s facility in Vemula, India, is expected to begin in 2024. Pharmaceutical tubing production is expected to begin in 2025.

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