Customisable micro precision pump range now available in the UK


Schwarzer Precision by Bürkert has released its customisable range of micro pumps to the UK market

The gas and liquid precision pumps can be tailored for each customer application including a quick turnaround with a prototype constructed within 4 days.

Every aspect of the pump can be specified, from the housing to valves, and all parameters are open to specific design requirements.

Customisation is also available for small production batches. Gas pumps achieve flow between 40 mL/min and 18 L/min, pressure up to 3100 mbar and vacuum up to -970 mbar. Liquid pumps are rated at a free flow of 0.5 mL/min to 1.4 L/min, pressure up to 40 mH2O and suction up to -7.5 mH2O.

The customisable micro pump range is targeted at high-precision applications including the rigorous standards of the medical sector, as well as environmental and analysis technology.

Schwarzer Precision by Bürkert also has a track record partnering with global industry from both manufacturing and process sectors, including printing, food and HVAC applications.

A range of micro precision pumps for gas applications include eccentric diaphragm pumps, which can be used for pressure or vacuum. Designed for high leak tightness of the pump head, they also provide resistance to leakage of aggressive fluids.

Rotary diaphragm pumps featuring near linear pressure to volume balance are also available. The FZ vane pump, which in the 135/140 model is the world’s smallest vane pump, provides low volume, high-precision pumping virtually free of pulsation. Linear diaphragm, pivot armature and vibrating diaphragm pumps complete the range.

For liquid applications, eccentric diaphragm pumps can be used for pressure and self-priming vacuum modes, also characterised by its high leak tightness and chemical resistance through body materials such as PPS, PEEK or PVDF.

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Schwarzer Precision’s range of micro pumps is offered alongside Bürkert’s precision fluid control systems, which can be specified and serviced by Bürkert’s UK operations team.

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