Disposable reservoir saves on reagent costs


Pour-back spout allows excess fluid to be returned to a source container

Integra, a Swiss supplier of laboratory tools, has introduced a 10mL disposable multichannel reagent reservoir whose low dead volume (650µL) generates significant savings on reagent usage.

One side of the reagent reservoir is moulded into a pour-back spout to help control liquid flow allowing users easily to return excess fluid to a source container.

Integra multichannel reagent reservoirs, now available in 10mL, 25mL, and 100mL, are designed to nest within one another without sticking.

Packaging options include portable, standalone sleeves (ideal for lab benches or hoods) and individually sealed bags for sterile applications.

Integra reagent reservoirs are also economically and environmentally friendly because the reservoir base can be reused and the reservoir inserts thrown away.

The use of transparent polystyrene allows the graduations on the inside of the reservoir base to be clearly seen enabling accurate fluid measurement and reduced reagent waste. For maximum fluid recovery, the firm’s reagent reservoirs feature a full-length, extra deep trough that is more easily accessible for pipette tips.

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Integra also offers SBS footprint 100mL and 300mL reagent reservoirs.