EquipNet to release new “OWN IT NOW” sales channel


The world’s most comprehensive surplus asset management company, EquipNet, Inc., will be unveiling its revolutionary new sales channel, OWN IT NOW, to the public on 17 January 2017

The platform takes away the hassle of back and forth negotiations and allows prospective buyers to purchase items with the simple click of a button.

The listings in the channel have starting prices and decreasing time intervals, which are tied to price drops. As the clock ticks down, so does the price.

The OWN IT NOW platform permits purchasers to view available listings and current prices. Each individual listing has a countdown that indicates when a price drop will occur and what the price will drop to.

However, a user does not have to be actively watching the clock at all times to make a purchase, as EquipNet provides buyers with the option to set a proxy amount. By setting a proxy, the user is asking the system to automatically secure the item for them when the desired value has been reached.

If the item is not purchased prior to the entered proxy amount, the user will be notified that their proxy has been accepted. EquipNet will then aggregate all purchases made across a single day, providing users with one invoice for all of their OWN IT NOW purchases made in that day.

The OWN IT NOW sales channel differs in comparison with other EquipNet platforms such as SmartAuctions, Live/Webcast auctions and MarketPlace, as users will not be competing to outbid each other.

Instead, they are competing against the clock and other prospective buyers. With OWN IT NOW, users can buy items at the current price or wait for the amount to drop at the risk of losing the item to a competitor.

“We are thrilled that this new sales channel will give purchasers a further option for buying equipment,” said Ben Potenza, VP of Marketing at EquipNet. “Our aim is to make the purchase of equipment as easy and hassle free as possible and OWN IT NOW gives buyers the possibility to obtain instrumentation for the price they are willing to pay without the need for an auction.”

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“Furthermore, the option to set a proxy amount saves users time and stress. At EquipNet, we are always looking to meet users’ requirements and challenges and the OWN IT NOW platform showcases our dedication,” he added.