Essentra launches serialisation and tamper verification solutions


Tamper verification labels include fibre-tear, void release and frangible

Pharmaceutical packaging specialist Essentra has added new serialisation and tamper evident cartons and labels to its portfolio.

The firm provides item-level serialisation from externally supplied data, which negates the need for customers to set up and manage print in-house. This can be provided through printed labels and through Essentra’s carton options, which include ready-to-pack serialised cartons.

For further enhanced security, tamper verification can be added by sealing access points using glue or labels such as fibre-tear, void-release or frangible.

Essentra’s tamper verification glued carton allows customers to glue the carton at the point of product packaging. Irreversible tamper verification is created when the carton is opened either through tearing it or opening it using more consumer friendly design perforations.

Three new tamper verification labels have been added to Essentra’s portfolio:

  • Fibre-tear labels – irreversibly damages both print and carton board onto which it is affixed (including varnished coatings)
  • Void-release labels – leaves a void message or pattern behind when the label is removed
  • Frangible film labels – uses a specially engineered substrate that disintegrates the label when attempting to remove from the carton board

Ian Lemon, Global Product Director, Health & Personal Care Packaging, said: 'It is imperative that pharmaceutical companies are prepared to deal with the threat posed by counterfeiters, not only from a compliance perspective as a result of legislation, but also to protect their brand identity and do their part to help ensure patients are consuming the genuine medicine they require.

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'Essentra advocates multiple levels of solutions, including track and trace serialisation and tamper evident solutions. This new range of products demonstrates our commitment to innovation and to meeting the needs of our customers in an increasingly challenging marketplace.'