EyeSens ColorRingCode


EyeSens ColorRingCode (CRC) is a colour vision system for inspection of colour codes on ampules to detect deficient products and prevents cross-contamination. A characterisation with applied colour rings is sometimes used to prevent mix-ups with other products when there is no label on the product

Colour ring coding

The hardware of the EyeSens ColorRingCode consists of the well-proofen EyeSens vision sensor. These sensors are available with integrated illumination and lens, or with a C-Mount connection for individual lenses and lighting.

The software of the EyeSens CRC is based on the colour commands of the EyeVision image processing software. With these commands the processor can check if the colour rings on the ampules have the correct colour; are in the correct order; if the rings have the correct width; if the rings are the correct distance to each other; if the colour ring code has the correct length, and also if there are disruptions in the code.

Additionally there are software commands which can inspect if the rings are missing or if they are complete and undamaged. If one of the characteristics such as colour is flawed, the system will automatically raise an alarm. For pharmaceutical products, it is particularly important to have a 100% quality control.

The software is also capable of precise control and rejection if wrong ampules are detected. The vision sensor offers real-time colour evaluation for inspection, of up to 9,000 products per minute. An almost endless amount of rings can be captured and inspected, as the characteristic can be configured depending on the application. Furthermore, as the colour image processing uses the EyeVision software, the amount of detectable colours is unlimited.

The camera has three different resolutions available, 736 x 480, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024 pixels. It also has a frame rate of 60 fps and a 1/3“ CMOS sensor.

The command set is based on the EyeVision machine vision software, which offers drag-and-drop programming, with which the colour commands can be combined for an intuitive, self-explanatory inspection programme. As a result, no programming skills are necessary. Sign up for your free email newsletter