Huber presents Ministates — the world's smallest cooling circulators

Huber Ministats are the world's smallest cooling circulators, because of their compact dimensions, the units can be operated in very confined spaces, for example in a laboratory fume cupboard or inside a technical plant

The Ministat series from Huber comprises three basic models, each of which is available in an air-cooled and a water-cooled variant.

Despite their minimal size, the systems are extensively equipped and offer sufficient performance for the temperature control of photometers, refractometers, viscometers, distillation apparatuses, reaction tubes and mini-plants.

Ministats are primarily used for the temperature control of externally connected applications. But their bath openings are large enough to permit the temperature control of smaller objects directly in the bath.

Depending on the model, operating temperatures of -45 to +200 °C are covered and refrigerating capacities of up to 600 Watts can be reached.

The efficient pressure-suction pump with infinitely adjustable speed, ensures optimum transfer of the heat to the application. The Ministats also comprise the touchscreen controller Pilot ONE with its 5.7" colour display and USB and network connections.

Another benefit is the electronic upgrade function, which enables additional features such as a programmer, cascade regulation, ramp function, user menus, calendar start and graphic display.

Analogue connections according to NAMUR are available via the optional Com.G@te module, which allows for integration of the Ministats in plants and process control systems.

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