INFORMEX: Neuland Labs launches project management system app


Mobile app for GuarD project management system allows customer access anytime, anywhere

Neuland Laboratories, an India-based manufacturer providing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), complex intermediates and contract research and manufacturing services, has launched a mobile app version of its GuarD project management system.

GuarD was developed by Neuland Labs to support the company’s goal of making its manufacturing process completely transparent and an extension of its customers’ resources, while giving them the opportunity to participate fully in project planning and real-time tracking. GuarD uses the principles of Critical Chain Project Management, which emphasises resource availability and flexibility to maintain project timelines, rather than requiring rigid scheduling.

In conjunction with the customer, the Neuland project team creates a detailed project plan that is viewable in an online template. GuarD allows the team to keep customers completely up to date on the progress of their projects, providing critical information on the latest task updates, expected time of task completion and potential challenges.

A key advantage of the GuarD system is that its detail and interactive nature make it easy to identify and manage delays at any step in the process. Customers are invited to contribute to solutions based on their experience and priorities.

‘Our GuarD system is a powerful collaborative tool that has helped increase Neuland’s record of on-time production by identifying critical subtasks and enabling team leaders and customers to monitor and track progress at every stage in real-time,’ said Saharsh R. Davuluri, president of contract research at Neuland.

>‘We are now pleased to launch our new mobile phone app that allows our customers and team members to access the capabilities of the GuarD system at anytime and anywhere.’

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The new app displays a summary view of the system; it is available initially for the Blackberry, and development of versions for Apple and Android are currently underway.