It’s in our nature

New bottle shapes stand out from the crowd

The eye-catching shapes have good on-shelf presence

The design team at Measom Freer has again added more shapes to the stock bottle ranges. There is the tall elegant tapered Nature range, which launches with both 100 and 200ml options, manufactured in house in clear PVC, with colours and PETG available to order, and the Pageant bottle, which is designed with a flowing triangular shape and a good on-shelf presence with large front and back panels for product graphics and details. The Pageant is currently available as a 100ml in clear PVC with other sizes to follow. Both shapes stand out on the shelves from other bottles and will give your products the ‘presence’ they deserve.

The neck sizes on both shapes are standard European R4 (USA 415), which suit Measom Freer’s stock range of caps, dispensers, neck plugs and pumps, giving you flexibility on how you want your product delivered. Screen printing in one or several colours is also available to complete the desired look. These bottles are ideal for liquids, gels, pharmaceutical and medical products.

Measom Freer also manufactures and stocks an extensive plastic packaging range, from jars and boxes to measuring scoops and fasteners with all the company’s products designed and manufactured in-house. Speak to the sales team now to find out more about how these new and interesting bottles can enhance your brand image and shelf presence.

In addition, the stock packaging has a minimum order quantity of just a single box, which means minimal lead-times, optimising your cash flow and stock management.