Loedige introduces lab scale mixer and granulator

Suitable for small batches in pharma, food and cosmetics industries

The CM/KM mixer

Gebr. Lödige Maschinenbau of Germany has introduced the CM/KM 5 mixer, which the firm says is the smallest continuous mixer of its type to date, and a laboratory mixing granulator.

The CM/KM 5 mixer conforms to specific hygiene standards and an individual control concept handles the parallel operation of all machine components. A key feature is the precise definition and description of the individual phases. The complex sequence of process steps can be controlled and monitored on a control panel.

The MGTL laboratory model is a new addition to the proven series of mixing granulators

The newly developed MGTL laboratory mixing granulator is for small batches. It is equipped with a double jacket and interchangeable vessels and supports the process stages of small-scale mixing, moistening, granulating and heating/cooling.

A three-arm mixing impeller rotates on the floor of the vertical, cylindrical mixing vessel, circulating the mixing product as a vortex. Lödige, based in Paderborn, says this process guarantees short mixing times and excellent homogeneity.

A separately driven chopper enables agglomerates to be broken up according to the application, even moistening for wet granulation and – for the cosmetics industry – streak-free mixing of dyes.

The company says the various different, easily interchangeable drums make the laboratory mixing granulator the ideal solution for diverse small-scale applications in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries.