Lonza and Eclipse Therapeutics sign agreement


Lonza will conduct Phase 1 production of Eclipse’s ET-101 novel cancer drug

Lonza has agreed to produce Phase 1 clinical material at its development and manufacturing facility in Slough, UK for US biotechnology firm Eclipse Therapeutics.

Lonza will produce Eclipse’s novel cancer therapeutic antibody, ET-101, using Light Path Development Services. ET-101 is under investigation for the inhibition of the growth of cancer stem cells.

Eclipse Therapeutics’ chief scientific officer Christopher Reyes said: ‘Lonza’s best-in-class antibody manufacturing capabilities will greatly support our development strategy to deliver the highest quality and most effective therapeutics targeting cancer stem cells. Moving into cell line development and subsequent manufacturing represents an important milestone for Eclipse.’

Cancer stem cells are a small subset of cells within a tumour that are thought to play a critical role in tumour initiation, recurrence and metastasis. ET-101 is a novel therapeutic antibody designed to target these cancer stem cells. Eliminating cancer stem cells, in conjunction with other therapies that address the tumour bulk, represents a new cancer treatment that could offer advantages over existing methods and a solution for chemoresistance.

Stephan Kutzer, chief operating officer at Lonza Custom Manufacturing, added: ‘We are pleased to offer development services specifically designed to support emerging companies during their early clinical milestones.’

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