Malvern Instruments joins SoftComp research project


Also taking part in ESMI project that is developing new characterisation tools and techniques

UK-based materials characterisation specialist Malvern Instruments has joined two European initiatives that aim to promote excellence in research and development in soft matter composites and complex fluids.

The first is the SoftComp Consortium, which promotes joint project development among European research groups from traditionally separate fields. Initially financed by the European Commission as a Network of Excellence (NoE) under EU FP6, SoftComp is currently self-sustaining and will continue to grow, carrying out technology projects in the intelligent design of functional and nanoscale soft matter composites. These colloids, polymers, liquid crystals, membranes, surfactants, micellar solutions, amphiphilics and biological systems are important to the biopharmaceutical, food and chemical industries and others using nanoscale technologies.

The second initiative is the newly funded EU FP7 project, European SoftMatter Infrastructure (ESMI), which will promote the development of leading edge techniques through collaborative projects between key academic groups and leading European material characterisation companies.

‘As part of SoftComp we are working with a powerful consortium of academic and industry partners from the UK and across Europe, including KU Leuven, FORTH, Unilever and Schlumberger,’ said Samiul Amin, Malvern’s Strategic Technology Group manager.

‘Soft matter research drives innovation in so many fields, as the SoftComp projects amply illustrate. From fuel-saving tyres and super-efficient detergents, through new insights into the behaviour of blood and skin, to better drilling muds, the group’s research is exciting, ground-breaking and socially valuable.’

Through ESMI, Malvern will be developing new characterisation tools and techniques to address challenging application needs, said Amin.