Melt extrusion and calendering in one

Bosch launches an integrated line for pharmaceuticals

Bosch Packaging Technology’s integrated pharmaceutical melt extrusion and calendering line features a continuous production process for pharmaceutical substances. Using melt extrusion, poorly soluble drugs with low bioavailability can be administered in tablet or granulate formats. Efficient production and cost savings are additional benefits as there is no requirement for additives such as solvents or drying processes.

With the launch of this line, pharmaceutical manufacturers can now buy extrusion, calendering and cooling equipment from one supplier. Equipment in the Bosch line is operated with the same interface and software, and meets all Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

Due to the modular structure of the Bosch line, manufacturers are able to customise the extrusion and forming equipment, as well as temperature and pressure requirements. It allows direct shaping of pills or oblong shapes, or alternatively turning into pellets with granulation head technology.

Bosch’s line can be used in laboratories as well as for customised scale ups, and can be designed for contained or non-contained environments.

Included in the melt extrusion line is Bosch’s Pharma Extruder WCF 0040PH, which continually processes the substrate with active ingredients through the melting, mixing, kneading, aerating, tempering and forming stages. With variable screw geometries and lengths, the machine can be easily adapted to handle a range of material behaviours.

The mass is extruded to the BPK 0050 pharma calender, ensuring accurate forming of tablets by using dual rollers with forming cavities. The line also includes the BCK 0050 pharma cooling tunnel, which cools by means of contact cooling from below the transport belt through a double wall stainless steel chamber. It enables dust control with an advanced aspiration system for worker safety and compliance.