Merck Millipore introduces high-performance water purification systems


Featuring 24/7 real-time monitoring and remote control

Merck Millipore, the life science business of Merck, has added the AFS 40E/80E/120E and 150E water purification systems to its product range. These new systems provide clinical laboratories with an economical and reliable water purification solution for daily water volumes of up to 3000 L.

The AFS 40E/80E/120E and 150E systems rely on two technologies to produce water quality that meets Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute clinical laboratory reagent water standards: Elix electrodeionisation (EDI) technology ensures constant water quality with low and predictable running costs; while (Evolutive Reject Adjustment (ERA) technology takes feed water quality into account to automatically optimise water recovery and reduce water usage costs.

The AFS-80E water purification system

The AFS-80E water purification system

John Sweeney, Head of Lab Solutions Business, Merck Millipore, said: 'Water is the most frequently used fluidic reagent in clinical analysers, and for labs handling thousands of samples a day, the choice of a water purification system is key to providing high-quality pure water and smooth operations.

'Our new AFS 40E/80E/120E and 150E systems incorporate the latest technologies, for robust and reliable performance. Our goal is to help make the biomedical lab more productive – and these AFS E systems do exactly that.'

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AFS E system users can choose from a number of options and accessories to match their specific requirements, including an online Total Organic Carbon (TOC) monitor, degassing option, and sanitary sampling valve.