Mettler-Toledo X-ray system identifies contaminants


Using this new solution, food and pharmaceutical manufacturers will be able to identify very small contaminants more quickly and reliably

Mettler-Toledo X-ray system identifies contaminants

Mettler-Toledo has announced the launch of a new x-ray system through its product inspection division. Using this new solution, food and pharmaceutical manufacturers will be able to identify very small contaminants more quickly and reliably.

X-ray inspection systems for packaged products offer maximum contamination detection sensitivity at high throughputs for a diverse range of food and pharmaceutical applications in various types of retail packaging.

Mike Pipe, product inspection specialist for Mettler-Toledo, said: “As food production and packaging methods increase in complexity, the risk of contamination from foreign bodies such as metal and glass has increased. These contamination incidents can lead to expensive product recalls. The X34 provides a combination of technologies, which enable producers to detect smaller contaminants reliably at high-throughputs, ensuring product safety and delivering brand protection.”

The X34 X-ray inspection system enables detection of metal, glass, high-density plastic, mineral stone and calcified bone fragments across a wide range of packaged foods: eliminating costly product recalls and protecting brand reputations.

The system also comes with advanced software that enables automated product set-up, dramatically decreasing the chance of human error and greatly reducing the number of false rejects. This makes for more efficient and profitable operations, while delivering excellent return on investment.

The high-performance software also allows for automated product set-up without the need for manual adjustment from the operator, leading to ultra-reliable product inspection.

“Automated product set-up removes the possibility of operator error and makes the X34 easier to use,” said Pipe, “new products only need to be passed once through the system for the power to be optimised and the fully intuitive software requires minimal passes to automatically set the contamination inspection tools. This reduces operator training, increases production uptime and ensures product safety.”

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In addition, the X34 can be equipped with the ProdX advanced data management tool, which maximises production efficiency and quality control. The ProdX software can store images of foreign body contamination, which can be viewed remotely, in full support of connectivity, traceability and compliance.


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