Micro-Sphere and NanoMaterials Technology to provide particle nanonisation spray drying services

Published: 14-Jan-2014

Agree partnership to provide new development or contract manufacturing projects

Swiss spray drying expert Micro-Sphere (MS) and NanoMaterials Technology of Singapore have formed a technology partnership to provide development and manufacturing services to pharmaceutical, skincare and cosmetic companies.

No financial terms have been revealed.

Under the agreement the two firms will work on new development or contract manufacturing projects and combine MS’s spray drying technology with NMT’s High Gravity Controlled Precipitation (HGCP) Technology. MS will leverage its expertise in processing and formulation technologies such as emulsification and spray drying, while NMT Singapore will contribute its experience in nanonisation and formulation, and provide non-exclusive access to MS on its HGCP and related technologies for relevant projects.

‘MS is honoured to provide the necessary know-how to enable the positive outcome of the projects,’ said Michele Muller, General Manager of MS.

‘With this partnership, we can combine the strengths of both companies and offer more solutions to our customers. This will also bring our business and technologies to the next level,’ added David Sher, Managing Director of NMT.

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