MilliporeSigma publishes white paper on ´╗┐shifting the biomanufacturing paradigm

The white paper 'Shifting the Biomanufacturing Paradigm: Intensifying Upstream Processes' is now available to download

The first commercial monoclonal antibody (mAb) was approved in 1986 and today, the global market is large and growing. Reports estimate the size of the market to be approximately $100 billion with expectations of it growing to more than $130 billion by 2023, a robust compound annual growth rate of more than 5.5%.1,2

The demand for mAbs and other antibody-based biologics continues to be fuelled by a number of factors including:

  • A growing elderly population experiencing age-related conditions including cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases
  • The opportunity for significant breakthroughs in cancer, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, which continue to have high mortality rates
  • The availability of biosimilars and novel modalities including bispecifics and antibody-drug conjugates

Click here to download the white paper and learn more.