NanoGuardian extends NanoEncryption to syringes and caps


Brand protection technology now available for range of pharmaceutical delivery systems

NanoGuardian, the anti-counterfeiting arm of NanoInk, has extended its NanoEncryption technology to cover single-use vial caps and pre-filled syringes to help ensure the product safety. The announcement follows NanoGuardian\'s recent licensing agreement with Capsugel, a division of Pfizer, for the protection of capsule-based medications.

NanoGuardian\'s NanoEncryption technology in conjunction with its Closed-Loop Protection market monitoring software can assist manufacturers in protecting vials and syringes from adulteration by counterfeiters. It provides security in the form of overt, covert and forensic-level features. The overt and covert security features allow dose-level authentication at any point in a manufacturer\'s supply chain, while the forensic-level NanoCodes provide unlimited information on each and every dose, including dosage strength, expiration date, date of manufacture, manufacturing location and country of distribution.

In addition, NanoGuardian\'s Closed-Loop Protection combines the on-dose authentication and tracing benefits of NanoEncryption technology with a pharmacy auditing programme to identify counterfeit or illegally-diverted pharmaceuticals entering the supply chain.

‘We are pleased to extend our NanoEncryption technology to single-use vial caps and syringes. This extension provides pharmaceutical manufacturers a new, high-tech tool to help ensure the safety of their products using these delivery systems,’ said Dean Hart, executive vice president of NanoGuardian.